Why Cosmos?

Cosmos Caskets is a family owned and operated business with over 10 years of combined experience in the Caskets business.
We are a company that thrives on service and customer satisfaction.

Our operation is a “one stop shop” that templates, fabricates, installs and imports caskets and Funeral supply from various countries around the world allowing us to provide customers with over five hundred different products selections in assisting them with bringing their visions to life.
At Cosmos Caskets, we make every attempt to add features to our caskets from funeral directors will truly benefit.

All Cosmos gasketed caskets include a plastic tray liner. These tray liners give you, the funeral director, the peace of mind knowing that should the body experience any minor leakage the tray liner will act as the first defense. This is also an important insurance when a deceased is entombed in a mausoleum.

Cosmos Caskets product features, such as the tray liner, go above and beyond industry standards to provide you and your families a casket of premium build quality.

All of Cosmos Caskets standard metal and hardwood caskets boast a 24” interior width, compared with a 22.5” width of many casket manufacturers.
This is an important feature as people have simply grown larger over recent years. As people have grown to these larger sizes, in many cases a 22.5” inside width casket can interfere with the presentation of the body in the casket, especially in the arms and hands.

Not only has Cosmos Caskets gone to a 24” interior width, but we have also offer beds in our caskets almost 2” wider than the industry standard bed.
Beds from other manufacturers are narrow and leave a gap. At times the arms of the deceased have slipped into that gap.

By contrast, the Cosmos Caskets beds have virtually no gap thereby eliminating the potential problem.

At Cosmos Caskets we offer oversized caskets up to 50” wide.