Selection room design

Cosmos Caskets is your full service casket company.
Our associates have many years of experience in the proper merchandising, display, and presentation of funeral products.

At Cosmos Caskets we have assisted many leading Funeral Homes in establishing strategic and successful merchandising plans.

These proven plans are founded upon sound marketing principles.


They have as their objective the creation of an unintimidating, education-based selection room environment that is consumer friendly—as easy to understand as it is to present.

Cosmos Caskets selection room design services has created many, beautiful displays—custom crafted to fit your spatial and economic parameters.

Knowledgeable associates from Cosmos Caskets will come to your Funeral Home and provide you with detailed plans and cost estimations. We can even assist you with creative financing options.

In certain instances, a beautiful new selection room might cost you nothing in out of pocket expense!

Astute Funeral Directors know that merchandising success is realized and family satisfaction is enhanced
when the “3 P’s” are adhered to: PRODUCT, POSITIONING, PRESENTATION.
The skillful and experienced team at Cosmos Caskets can insure that your merchandise display is functioning
at peak performance levels, and providing a meaningful selection experience for your families.
Put the Cosmos Caskets selection room team to work for you