Rental Caskets and Inserts

Funeral trends are evolving and Cosmos Caskets is innovating to stay in line with today’s consumer preferences. Cosmos Caskets has developed a completely new line of metal, rental caskets that are designed for the growing number of Americans that prefer cremation over traditional burial.
We are excited to announce the new Premier Line – Cremation Redefined. According to a study done by the Casket and Funeral Supply Association, approximately 76% of families prefer the eye appeal of a metal casket as compared with a wood. However, currently in the market the standard rental casket that is primarily used is a wood casket made of oak. These unique products can only be found with Cosmos Caskets and the Premier Line.
When serving families who have the preference of cremation, it offers families the benefits of both traditional services and cremation combined into one innovative package. Families now have more choices and it offers the funeral home the ability to merchandise their rental offerings to help restore margins that are so critical to family owned businesses.


Cosmos Caskets Premier inserts fit all major casket brands, ensuring a quality presentation every time. Our inserts come in velvet Interior.
Our Premier Inserts are wood reinforced for additional strength and sturdiness, have leak resistant liners and arrive at your door preassembled ready for use.
Visit our online store to view our full range of cremation products and to place your order.
Our inserts are shipped free anywhere in the continental United States with a minimum order of 10 inserts.