Personalization Services


Families have shown a great interest in being able to make the funeral more personal to the life of the deceased. Cosmo Caskets provides a number of ways to incorporate “Personalization” into the casket as well as the funeral.


Casket Panels
Cosmos Caskets offers one of the industry’s widest selections of panel design options. Couple the ability to choose from the extensive library of designs with the ability of Cosmos Caskets to input person’s name, person`s picture, birth and/or death dates, military ranking or any other special message and you truly have a custom embroidered panel
that represents the life lived. And all of this can be done on an “at-need” basis. For years, Cosmos Caskets has been helping families express their special, sentimental feelings through custom panels. From simple messages to more complex scenes and emblems, Cosmos Caskets can allow your family to add their personal touch to the chosen casket and make the entire funeral service just a bit more meaningful.


Customized Caskets
Cosmos Caskets Customized caskets Packages provide a way for funeral directors and their client families to completely
customize a casket offering according to color and theme.
This is just another way that Cosmos Caskets is developing creative ideas and solutions
that are right for what families are asking for today.