Our Team

Igor Bocvarov

President/Founder of Cosmos Caskets Igor began his caskets career by working as a sales manager for a local company. Upon graduation of his masters in business administration, Igor establish the firm in 2008. Under Igor’s guidance and management, the company has realized remarkable growth. This expansion includes serving over 1000 Funeral Homes in over 100 cities in US as well as exporting caskets. On the personal side, Igor and his wife Tanja live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and they have three children—Alek Mia and Eva. During his free time, Igor enjoys spending weekends with his friends and family, traveling, fishing and playing with his kids.

Tanja Bocvarov

Officially joined Cosmos Caskets in February 2010, Igor asked Tanja to work for temporary help when the company has realized remarkable growth, but Tanja liked the business so she decided to make her temporary job permanent. Tanja joins Accounts Receivable as well as Accounts Payable department. Igor and Tanja have three children: Alek, Mia and Eva. In her spare time, Tanja enjoys spending time at the beach and have a great moments with her family.

Mr. Mike

Mike has been working side by side with Igor since 2005 at Bocvarov Holding & Investement Ground % as the head investment adviser. Mike joined full time Cosmos Caskets in 2015 as our Director of Operations. As a student, Mike majored in International business management. For the company, Mike is responsible for developing Cosmo`s marketing materials, implementing and managing information systems, and hiring and training new sales personnel. He and his family live in Chicago, Illinois. In his free time, Mike enjoys being with his family and travel.

Rhadames Martinez

Rhadames has worked for Cosmos Caskets, since August, 2016. At Cosmos, Rhadames is responsible for product distribution as well as manufacturing site in the South Florida. Rhadames live in Hollywood, Floroda and in his free time he enjoys spending time with his children.