As cremation becomes a preferred method of disposition, the requests of families may range from a direct cremation
to a full service and funeral with cremation afterward. Therefore, it is important for Cosmos Caskets to offer the same wide range of cremation products in order to suitably meet the ranging needs of families today.

Solid hardwood, veneer hardwood, nicely decorated composite board caskets, and even simple, unembellished cardboard containers are all included in Cosmos Caskets array of cremation offerings. Cosmos Caskets aims to offer products to meet the needs of every family selecting cremation.

In addition to their extensive cremation product offerings, Cosmos Caskets can also help a funeral home
with the marketing of their cremation services.

Packaging cremation services has been a popular way to make the process of cremation “consumer-friendly.” A Cosmos Caskets associate can certainly analyze your current cremation offerings and assist with generation of a plan and perhaps a concept that will better suit your funeral home’s goals and your families preference.



Our Cremation Boxes are made of the highest quality corrugated fiberboard, double-wall constructed, and are available in three tensile strengths (350 lb., 450 lb., and 600 lb.). Each box has hand cut-outs for easy transportation and are available with or without lids.

All boxes are shipped flat for easy storage and are assembled with zip ties (included). Optional leak resistant bags (liners) and plywood supports are also available for all cremation boxes for an additional charge. Cremation Boxes are delivered locally in the Chicagoland area or can be shipped free nationwide.

Visit our online store to view our full range of cremation products and to place your order. Our cremation boxes are shipped free anywhere in the continental United States with a minimum order of 50 boxes.


Cremation Rollers
We also offer 18″ x 2″ heavy duty cardboard rollers to aid in the cremation process.
Sold in quantities of 500.